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Montgomery Homes for Sale

As one of the oldest towns in Texas, it is no wonder the personality and historic charm of Montgomery intrigue so many prospective homebuyers from all over the state. Dating all the way back to 1837, this small town is home to approximately 700 residents who enjoy Montgomery’s beautiful landscapes and relaxed country lifestyle. Birthplace of the Texas Lone Star Flag, Montgomery is a town full of historical and significant stories from the past, where its preserved 19th Century Downtown Historic District hosts antique shops, restaurants, and local attractions are a must- visit for those stopping through. 

The city of Montgomery boasts of a one-of-a-kind country flair that is difficult to find in other parts of the state. With wood-paneled saloons and old western architecture lining Liberty Street, the charisma of such a small town is astounding. Nestled between ancient oak trees and the tall pine forest, Montgomery’s many landmarks will remind you of its rich historic background and culture. Residents enjoy local parks and lakes, namely Cedar Brake Park, where relaxing in the cool shade of the trees is a calming pastime and refreshing protection from the scorching Texas sun.  

Lined with white picket fences and country cottages, Montgomery is a picturesque representation of the American dream. Residential streets are decorated with quaint single-family homes, where energetic and welcoming residents abide. Affordable starter homes and larger estates are available for those with price ranges from low-cost to more mature budgets. Houses in Montgomery have a historic charm to them, and potential homebuyers will fall in love with the wrap-around porches, wood paneling, and unique country feel of each home. For those looking for an updated look, new construction can just as easily be found in Montgomery, and as a growing community will continue to be simple to find in the future. Buy a home in Montgomery and fall in love with the rural countryside and rustic culture of this monumental town. 

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