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Looking to find a place to build a home? When finding a lot you must take various things into consideration. Things such as, does the POA/HOA allow to build what you want on the land (home size, workshop, boat dock, etc) & what can you expect to pay in lot preparation costs when building. This varies with each property and includes site work & foundation needed, based on soil conditions, septic (public or private), water service (tap, well or public), build lines, etc. You can see how detailed it can get? Oh, yes, all of this is also a very important factor when keeping you in an overall budget! If you have one, surely you do?  I am happy to help with any questions you may have or assist in finding a lot or builder that can provide what you are looking to accomplish for your home build.

I even know a builder who provides a no construction loan for applicable home builds. This means you come to close with your permanent loan and don't have to deal with all that is involved in the construction loan process. Also, if selling or needing to sell to get loan approval this can make that dream home possible much quicker than you might think! Inquire for more details if you are interested in that builder's program.

Please reach out if you have any other questions! Happy hunting!