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Enjoy the sun, festivities, and rural country atmosphere of Grimes County, Texas, where residents feel an immense sense of pride for their wonderful community. Founded in 1846, Grimes County covers a total of 802 square miles and encompasses the main towns of Navasota, Roans Prairie, and Anderson. With an approximate population of 26,600, Grimes County is a must-consider for homebuyers across all demographics. Conveniently located about 80 minutes northwest of Dallas and two hours east of Austin, residents of Grimes County also enjoy being close to the many amenities of these big cities. With four major state highways running through the heart of the county, commuters will be delighted by the convenience of traveling in Grimes County.

With so many activities to choose from, it is no wonder people love the entertainment and spectacle of Grimes County. Participate in the Texas Renaissance Festival, which features hundreds of performers, food vendors, artisans, and rides. Lasting a total of two months, each unique weekend hosts a different theme, encompassing the culture, cuisine, and fine arts of Texas. Also enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including camping on the grounds of the Gibbons Creek Reservoir, fishing, boating, and picnicking.

Prospective home buyers will be impressed by the variety of homes that Grimes County offers, from large estates to affordable starter homes, each overlooks the beautiful countryside, while residents enjoy the Texas sun shining all year long. With such a varied range to choose from, there are options that will accommodate every style, taste, and budget. Depending on your preference, there are homes available from under 1,500 square feet, to mansions over 6,000 square feet, including homes on multi-acre lots, or in residential, suburban areas. From colonial homes, antique styles, log cabins, and new construction, there is a home for everyone in Grimes County, making this beautiful countryside the perfect place to call home.   

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